Let us Remain United

The last few days have been surreal, to say the least. Friday was spent refreshing news feeds, wringing hands and swearing. There was a lot of swearing (particularly yesterday after that football loss). Because, as you know, the unimaginable happened, we, the British people, voted to leave the EU; the Union that a lot of … More Let us Remain United


I’ll be attending the Young Adult literature Convention in London this year. The event takes place in Olympia from 28th-31st July. I’ll be exhibiting so come find me and you can buy a signed and personalised copy of Rebellion, have a chat or just beg me for a bottle of water because it’s just tooooo … More YALC UK

Novel Submissions

Anyone who has ever submitted a manuscript to an agent knows that the absolute worst part of writing is pulling together a query letter and synopsis. Well, I’ve come across an incredible site that offers advice on that front, far better than any I’ve read before. I was directed to this site from somewhere else … More Novel Submissions

What it’s really like renovating with your other half

I have never wanted someone to suffer endless and insurmountable amounts of pain until I began renovating flats with my boyfriend. A lot of people exclaim in moments of rage that they want to “kill”, not so in my case; I want to inflict irreparable damages that he has to live with for 60 years, … More What it’s really like renovating with your other half