The other day I tried and failed to make flat breads. It may have been because I used spelt flour instead of wheat flour, or that every time I try to make flat breads they fail. I’ll keep trying though. I froze the bread, which still tasted good, it just had the wrong consistency. So, today, as a lazy Monday meal I made a homemade almost-pizza.


I couldn’t find any passata in the supermarket but knew I had some of this at home:


Yes, it’s pasta sauce but it works as a base and gives the almost-pizza a more interesting flavour. Spread it on:


Slice some mozzarella and put on top:


Then add any other toppings you fancy – I had artichoke, jalapeno and prosciutto:


Lazy, not quite a pizza but tasted delicious. Might accidentally make pizza bases again.

NB: my boyfriend just got back from the gym and these were his creations.


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