“Damned healthy”

Not sure how I managed to lose this post but lose it I did. So, this is a re-post.

Somehow, on Tuesday night my boyfriend and I ended up having, what can only be described as the healthiest supper of our lives. This was mainly due to my laziness – I couldn’t be bothered to go downstairs, walk a few meters to the supermarket and come back. So, instead I fished out two frozen fish fillets (see what I did there?), washed some spinach I’d acquired from my parents’ garden and made some home made tartare sauce.


I poached the fish. Threw some cornichons, capers, dill, lemon juice and low fat creme fraiche into the blender and pressed ‘on’. I don’t have a steamer so I boiled the spinach. Voila – supper without our favourite food group – carbs. We did miss those carbs.

To make up for the lack of carbs last night I whipped together some gluten free tortillas from Phil Vickery’s book ‘Seriously Good Gluten-free baking’.  I find that his recipes work really well – usually with gluten free recipes it’s a gamble. For his gluten free flour mix A I use Dove’s Farm plain flour, which you can get in most supermarkets. With this recipe I found that I didn’t need as much water as the recipe required. These were great dunked into tapenade and homemade guacamole.


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