Snuggle up in Hush clothing

Occasionally I fantasise about becoming a full time writer… okay, I fantasise about it all the time. On the two days when I work from from home and write I tend to be in my onesie – possibly the best present I’ve ever been given. However, whenever my boyfriend comes home from work I see sadness in his eyes and in that sadness my image is reflected; glasses, ripped onesie and unbrushed hair. So, in my full-time writer fantasy I write in stylish but comfortable clothes from Hush and my boyfriend comes home from work beaming because I don’t look like a troll.

My favourite thing about Hush is that they put together outfits for you, like so:


It saves so much effort, I love effort savers.

Hush can be a little pricey for me but they have great sales. Here are some of my pre-sale faves.


I’m a total sucker for a jumper dress.


See, I love them.


Not just any old v-neck, I love the shape of this one.


Chic trousers with an elasticated waist! Such comfort.


Yes they are tracksuit bottoms but they’re red! I desperately want these.


I adore their tanks – they are long so you can get away with wearing them with leggings. The ultimate in relaxed day wear.


Same goes for the long sleeved version.


And, if it so happens that I can’t be bothered to get out of my pajamas, at least I would look stylish in my laziness.

All I’d need then is some slippers that look classier than my fluffy M&S ones.

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