Yesterday, when looking into recipes for cheap meals I came across A Girl Called Jack, a blog by Jack Monroe. Reading her post Hunger Hurts had such a huge impact on me. It’s had an impact on a lot of people.

It’s the end of the month and I’ve run out of money, again, and I was feeling incredibly sorry for myself, even though I live with my boyfriend who is willing to pay for food. And, I have savings, so I can use them. What the hell am I complaining about?  My freezer has food in it, my cupboards are stocked, why do I feel so defeated? Is it, in part, because I compare myself to my contemporaries? Yikes, am I spoilt?

I work three days a week, I could work five and be on a very decent salary. I have a home, heating, hot water and a TV. My problem is that I am too used to having these things, I’ve never been without them.  I’ve had a private education, I’ve had a privileged upbringing. I do not know true struggle.

So, in future, every time I complain about my financial situation I just need to remember that a lot of people are a lot worse off and I should shut up.

If the article affects you in the same way it did me then you can donate to a food bank.

However, I will continue to complain about the cost of rent in London. It is ridiculous.

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