Affordable Home Show

My boyfriend and I are still trying to figure out our living situation. My tantrum on Sunday night over the missing winter duvet, which my parents had accidentally used, proved that I am not fit to live in a house-share (and possibly that my boyfriend is a saint). The duvet has since been recovered – no more going to bed in a jumper. Phew. 

On September 28th we’re going to be wandering down to the Affordable Home Show in Westminster to try and figure out what this shared ownership lark is all about. It’s free to get in and it’s a 20 minute walk from us so, that’s probably why we’re actually making an adult decision about this whole thing and going. Although I want to be greedy and not let anyone else come so that I can get first pick of flats, should be choose to go ahead, I feel like I need some good karma because I gave my boss my cold. (I haven’t been putting my hand over my mouth when I cough, I am so naughty.) So, here I am, sharing with the interwebnet so that we can all trot along and find out about this mysterious scheme. If you show up I’ll be the blonde in nerdy glasses with a Mediterranean looking gentleman on my arm. 



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