Streets in the Sky

I just realised that I didn’t follow up on my boyfriend’s short film being screened at the BFI for Best of Boroughs. It was such an incredible day, the standard was exceptionally high and it was amazing seeing his film up there with such strong pieces of work. Streets didn’t win but the winner, Woodhouse, was brilliant. If you want to know more about his short, Streets in the Sky, feel free to visit his website and laugh at how terribly posh I sound in one of the behind the scenes videos. I’m not going to gush about how proud I am of him making his first short film because he’d hate it (see how I managed to mention it anyway?). Take a look and cross your fingers that this is the start of something incredible for him.



  This is a still from the film with the three main actresses who were all amazing – Tina, Marisha and Shalini.


Despite the wind and rain the boys managed to make us all laugh. I’m the attractive looking one on the far right.


Filming inside a car at night, in the rain, not the easiest of tasks.

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