Grab a Spoon

Having finally recovered from being ill, and with my voice almost back to normal, I realised that I haven’t posted about my little trip to Barnes food market on Saturday. I was feeling pretty rough, having decided to drink to dull the feeling of ill on Friday night I was hit with a double whammy on Saturday – hangover and a virus. Not one to soldier on normally, I did, and I trooped off with my friend to the food market to have some breakfast at Spoon. Spoon was set up by my friend’s old creative partner and it was Spoon’s very first outing. Everything looked beautiful and having sampled it myself it’s a winner – I’m sure it’s going to be a huge success.


You get to choose your breakfast combo. I topped mine with the rhubarb, pear and ginger compote – so scrummy.




Tasty and healthy, what more could you ask for? And, you can take away your own combo to eat at home. Look out for Spoon, it’ll start popping up around London locations soon! If you’re interested in Spoon you can contact them by email: or follow them on twitter @spooncereals

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