Splosh (no! not that kind!)

I’m still without a charger and life is just so miserable without my greatest companion – my macbook. But, I must soldier on. I must continue to post and betray my beloved by using other computers to do it.


A while ago a friend of mine put up a little note of Facers about a company called Splosh – an eco friendly cleaning products company. You buy the bottles and from then on you just refill them with these clever little sachets. Well, I decided to purchase a starter pack and see how I felt about them. Now, before I made the purchase I emailed them because I am a germaphobe and I was worried about the germ killing capabilities. Here’s the lovely response I got:

Hi Josie,

Thanks for getting in touch. Being an eco brand we do have to tread a fine line between effective cleaning on the one hand and ensuring our products don’t harm the environment on the other. The place where bugs very concentrated in the home is of course in the toilet, and when we introduce such a toilet bowl cleaner this will need “bug killing” capabilities. For all other surface cleaners we believe our products do a great job of cleaning i.e. banishing the nasty stuff while not leaving residues (or giving off aromas) that can cause more harm than the bugs themselves.

I hope this is of some help,

Well, I have to say, the kitchen cleaner is excellent – no residue and cuts through grease. I use the clementine and lemon one as the pomegranate flavour was a little on the sweet side for me. I also use their cotton flower laundry liquid, which has a lovely light scent. The lime washing up liquid is as good as your usual brands and the spearmint and lemon bathroom cleaner gets rid of any soap marks – no budging of limescale but not many products do. I think I’m going to keep a small stash of bleach for days when I need to kill really nasty germs in the flat but otherwise I am completely sold. The products are well priced, do the job and I feel good about myself for doing something for  the big green and blue ball that is earth.


I forgot something! If you order and use this code: 37F42D you’ll get £5 off your starter box. Also, it’s so easy to re-order, just select what you want and confirm. Done!

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