Gifts for Writers

When I was young I enjoyed telling people to ‘go away’ and so my Dad bought me this mug:


I will only use it if I’m actually writing, otherwise I feel like I’m betraying the slogan. Odd, I know. So today I am using my mug and it got me to thinking about writery gifts (healthy procrastination). Any kind of notebook or pen makes us feel oh so legitimate. Always a good one.

My boyfriend bought me this book the other day. His friend works in a bookshop and recommended this as the best book for screenwriters. I’ve read some of it and it is good and, anyone who has written a screenplay will know what a nightmare they are. Advice is very welcome.


Their favourite book, beautifully bound from the Folio Society:


Pick up a typewriter, we like to feel romantic and tortured – a typewriter adds to the drama. Try to go for a Godrej and Boyce one, seeing as Boyce is a strong name *ahem*.


This is all pretty obvious I know…

You could also buy them a nice bottle of booze, very helpful on days when there’s a creative blockage, or the rents due.On the rocksAnd last, but no means least, Boggle.


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