The changes I make to my recipes

I have to be careful about what I eat – after many tests, a few years ago, the doctor concluded it was just general patheticness. So, in case you are wondering why there are alterations in some of my recipes or that I’m stingy with garlic, here is a list of what I can’t eat (but sometimes eat anyway):

Garlic (1 clove max)

Old school gluten (I’m generally okay with spelt)

Beans and pulses, although I very foolishly eat them on occasion

Normal person coffee – I drink ‘fake‘ coffee

Sugar – I try and substitute it with agave nectar. I love cake so it is a problem for me. And sweets, I love sweets. *sigh*

Mayonnaise – I just don’t like it, I usually substitute it for creme fraiche or yoghurt. 

Shellfish – don’t like them either

I hope this helps to understand my recipes – feel free to go full gluten and garlic where you want – I know for a fact everything is better with gluten and garlic. 

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