Today is an excellent day because I am finally back to working part-time and I have an ENTIRE day to write. It’s like my brain has switched itself back on and ideas are just oozing out of my pores. Gushing even. It’s filthy. I love the excitement of jotting down potential future projects and blissfully ignoring the unfinished novel in my writing folder. The thing about new ideas though, is that sometimes, maybe most of the time, other people don’t understand why you think it’s so good. They do that whole nodding and “mmm, interesting” thing and you think to yourself, “Christ, am I batsh*t crazy?”. I’ll go over and over an idea, still thinking it’s incredible but still getting the same bewildered response from people. I know that when I turn my back they are whispering to each other that I’ve finally lost it – that years of being unpublished have tipped me into the loony pool. Generally my boyfriend and my bestest friends get it, probably because we understand each other in that strange, incoherent way that only people who are very close can. However, there have been times when I’ve suggested ideas to my boyfriend and his response has been along the lines of, “yeeeeeah, okaaaaay. Maybe you could try out that other idea you had first”. See, that’s the thing, sometimes you can just be so far off the mark that you need others to rein you back in. Not every idea is brilliant. Not every idea actually works when it’s put into practice. My boyfriend and I spent a year and a lot of money developing a script and we reached a point where we just had to say to ourselves, nope, it’s just not going to work. Every time your heart breaks a little but it’s the Process. And, even though I am not making money from my writing I am so very grateful that I still have the ability to come up with completely bonkers ideas that no one else will get. Like the popcorn one I had once. My boyfriend banned it from ever being developed. Without those gems I wouldn’t be happy but at least I know my brain is still ticking along, still thinking along new lines and that is the greatest gift I have. I won’t ever be a literary genius but I hope I will always have new ideas to explore. So, seeing as I’m swimming in them at the moment, anyone want to buy one? I could do with the cash.

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