I just received an email from a friend requesting that I write about pouches. I asked her what was so good about pouches, why not use a purse? She said that you can put loads more stuff in them and, “if you’re a slag about town” you can include condoms. Well, as an advocate of safety I thought it was a compelling enough argument for me to do some research on her behalf. Here are my top pouch choices.


This green little number from Whistles. Her personal choice.


Bimba and Lola’s aptly names vanity pouch.


Hobbs’ little pouch is currently on sale.


Way out of our price range but it is so darned cute. Mulberry know how to do… well, everything.


These gorgeous pouches from Midsummer +1, all handmade in India.


Cheap and cute.


A selection of handmade pouches from Florence Oliver on Etsy.





I vaguely remember a few years ago a new brand that brought out gorgeous two tone pouches that weren’t very expensive. I’ve trawled the internet but can’t find them. Frustrating but if anyone can think of some others please pass it on so that my friend can take her pick. Honestly, I think her Whistles choice could be the best of the bunch.

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