Resolutions, or something like that.

A Happy New Year to you all. I hope that everyone enjoyed their Christmas and ate far too much because, aside from presents eating is the best part of Christmas and I forbid eaters guilt.

As the rain falls on yet another miserable day I’ve been thinking about resolutions and how pointless they are. Let’s be honest, they never really work out, do they? The only person I know who can carry a resolution through for an entire year is my sister. She can actually give up chocolate for 365 days. She is a hero.

Even though resolutions are forced upon us by magazines making us feel far worse about ourselves than we did two weeks ago (“Fight the Christmas FLAB”, “How many CALORIES did you consume over Christmas you HEFFER?”, “Repent for your GLUTTONY”) I’ll admit it’s high time I made some. Or, made some sort of life plan because whatever I’m up to just is not cutting it now. I’m in my 29th year and this sh*t has got to change. I have GOT to get somewhere with my writing; it is getting ridiculous. So, here is a list of what I need to achieve for 2014:

1. Edit my first novel so that instead of getting responses like, I didn’t fall in love with it like I’d hoped or I didn’t get swept up in the story like I thought I would, I get a it was so much more than I expected. Be gone negativity! I open my door to thee positive agent responses and banish the darkness that rejection brings.

2. Finish my new novel. Edit it and then edit it again and again and again. And again.

3. Get in touch with agents again.

4. Finish my totally excellent and hilarious play and put it on and have my totally excellent and hilarious boyfriend be one of the stars.

5. Write a treatment for a feature film to pitch to an investment body we know of. Hush, hush.

6. Write the exciting TV series I have an idea for that is set in Gibraltar so we can spend months filming there so I can see my sister lots more.

7. Begin my photo project using our shiny new, super brilliant camera.

8. Yes, get fit. I know, what a bloody cliche but it’s always on my to do list. I did do it once and my arms didn’t flap like wings. It was wonderous.

Can you see where the problem lies? This is my Always Problem, I always have too many projects that I want to do and this means that hardly anything gets done. It helps if I focus on one at a time but I never know where to start. Maybe with my new novel. The problem is that I’m not a very productive person and I’m wondering how to increase my productivity. The internet and my addiction to terrible TV shows is definitely part of the problem.

If I get all of these things done by year end I shall turn 30 with great pride, I wouldn’t have wasted my twenties all that much after all.

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