Easy homemade pasta sauce

Fresh tomatoes make such a huge difference to a dish. I’ll often use passata but you can’t beat the flavour of fresh tomatoes. I experimented recently with a quick and easy supper and I was pretty surprised at how nice it was. This serves two.

You’ll need:

Pack of diced pancetta
Bag of cherry tomatoes (or four tomatoes peeled by popping them in boiled water)
Young leaf spinach (although I actually think frozen would work better as the fresh spinach clumps together)
1 lemon
Pasta – I used spelt pasta. One bowl full of dried pasta will make two bowls of cooked pasta.

Put your water on to boil. Fry the pancetta cubes until the fat is crispy. Halve your cherry tomatoes and then add them to the pancetta and then grind over salt and pepper. Once the tomatoes have started to soften put your pasta on. Add your spinach, if you’re using the frozen variety remember to give it a quick blitz in the microwave. Turn the sauce down to a medium heat and stir occasionally. When the pasta is cooked keep some of the water – I know it always seem like a silly chef thing to do but it does make a better sauce. Squeeze your lemon over the sauce and then combine it with the pasta. Add a sprinkle of cheese and enjoy.

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