MOO the GREATEST company on EARTH


My day went a little something like this (these are the actual emails):


So yesterday my boyfriend was telling me I do things without thinking and I completely disagreed, how dare he, right? Then my gorgeous new Luxe business cards arrived and I gleefully showed them off to him, only for him to point out that I forgot to include my email address. So, now he’s proven his point and I’ve had a sulk in the bedroom. My only hope is that there is some way you can still print my email address onto them for me. Otherwise I’ll never live this one down.

Thank you MOO.



Dear Josie,

Thank you for getting in touch with the MOO Team.

I am sorry to hear there was a mistake on your cards. We are more than happy to reprint the cards, free of charge, and correct any errors.

Please let me know if the changes in this screenshot are correct: (link removed)

Please feel free to contact us again if you have any further questions.

Best regards,

(name removed for privacy)


Hi (name removed for privacy),

That is so incredibly nice.

So, I’ve consulted my detail orientated other-half (try living with that) and he says it needs to be: (details removed)

I always thought John Lewis were the nicest company in the world, I mean, they brought us Waitrose and snowmen wearing red gloves, but MOO are definitely the best company in the world. They correct errors that were totally the customer’s fault. I am definitely blogging about this to my 55 followers (yeah, I know, I’m a big deal).

Thank you so much,


Not only are they fixing MY mistake for me but the cards are just gorgeous. They arrive with an actual seal (not the marine mammal) in high quality packaging, the cards are just beautiful too, aside from the missing information *ahem*.


Told you didn’t I, they’re the greatest company on earth.

NB: If there are any new messages from MOO I’ll be sure to add them.

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