All about cushions

I love comfort, it’s my number one priority in life – comfy clothes, comfy furniture. Part of being comfortable is having lots of soft, squishy things around you and that might be why I love cushions so damn much. Also, cushions are a great way to introduce colour, it’ll help you decide what works in your room and you can add a few more accents to liven things up, without going too crazy.

I don’t know about you but I love OKA but can’t afford it. I came across this very OKA-esque cushion today for a fraction of the cost:


Zara also do this lovely embroidered cushion:


Zara Home is just teasing now:


For our future office I want calming colours and bold, simple patterns, I have some in this lovely blue from H&M but in chevron, unfortunately I think they’re sold out. These are just as lovely though:


hmprod (1)

hmprod (2)

I bought an incredible cushion in the Anthropologie sale at Christmas – 75% off. So for these next few I’d recommend waiting until the price drops because right now, just, wow. This is adorbs in pink as well:


Back to the Queen of cheap and cheerful – Ikea. They do a great cushion cover. This one would look perfect with some plain grey cushions in different shades:


They always have a few gorgeous embroidered cushions that will give your home a lovely Scandi feel:


And then, to liven things up a little, there’s this one:


Now to Heal’s, not the cheapest but classy, yeah. Lips for your bed, you saucy thing:


These two would go nicely together:

264141_m 263935_m

I’m all cushioned out now.

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