Spring footwear Want List

I think of Spring as a time of floaty dresses covered in jumpers. Am I right? Probably not but that’s how I think of it all the same.

The Sartorialist agrees with me:


However, it’s a bit cold for bear legs over here in London *shakes fist at sky* and cold feet just make me miserable. So, here are my Spring, but not very Spring-like-weather, picks.

My weekend outfit of choice at the moment is a midi dress, scarf, coat and converse with some warm socks and leggings hidden underneath. To add a bit of Spring zing my converse are bright yellow, like the daffodils.




I’m also thinking a minty green for Spring time.



I like to walk to work so I prefer a comfy brogue so that I don’t have to have to change shoes when I get into the office. Now, I know what you’re all going to be thinking when I say this… but… Clarks do some really comfy brogues and I promise, they are stylish.



Come evening time you realise it’s still too chilly out to put on your heels and that is why the shoe boot/ankle boot was invented. They go perfectly with a dress or jeans. They’re a shoe dream.

You might get a little draft from these Carvela booties but they are awful pretty, so definitely worth the potential frostbite.


H&M have really got the hang of this whole footwear thing.


One of the best places for cheap shoes has and probably always will be is New Look.


Now if, for some incalcuable reason, it gets warm and you have a sh*t load of money then I would definitely choose to prance around in these cheeky, tasseled numbers.


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