Easy antique gold mirror DIY

IMG_5733Yesterday we finally exchanged contracts on our flat. I know! The sheer excitement and heartburn from the champers was too much to take yesterday. I’m feeling a little unwell today but I’m sure a trip to the gym will make it a whole lot worse and I will be feeling terribly sorry for myself soon enough.

So, this glad tidings meant that I decided to do my very first piece of house DIY. I’ve wanted to goldify my mirror for some time but just wasn’t sure of the best method until I read this post: Little Green Notebook.

How beautiful are her onyx tables? I know, right.

Anyway, the tube is tiddly and I was worried, especially as it’s £6.15 but a little goes a long way so don’t ye worry.


Here was my mirror before. It was a bit hid (this is an abbreviation of hideous, I use it a lot).


To try and protect my fingers I used a piece of an old t-shirt to rub it on, but it was a bit porous. You can just use your finger but I was worried about fingerprints on the frame. Put a small blob on your finger and rub it in. It really is that easy.


IMG_5726 I hardly used any of the tube to cover the entire mirror.

IMG_5727So antiquey.

IMG_5729After the mirror success (which looks a bit out of place in my current room but will definitely work well in our Edwardian flat) I decided to do the knobs on our chest of drawers. I love our Hemnes chest but I’ve had it a while and I want there to be subtle gold accents in our new bedroom, so I rub ‘n buffed them.


IMG_5732IMG_5731Ideally I would have removed the knobs to do this but my boyfriend, who shall henceforth be known as Mr. Brown, as that’s his names and I cringe everytime I write boyfriend. I don’t know why, there’s just something so teen about writing it the whole time. Anyway, Mr. Brown has managed to hide the tool box when he was tiding recently and I cannot find a screwdriver anywhere. So, instead I used masking tape.

IMG_5735When the tools are re-located I’ll probably remove the knobs and give them a good going over but for now, they’ll do. Notice how you don’t get to see any of the things in situ? Yeah, that’s ‘cos our current bedroom is a cluttered mess.

IMG_5738And that is how you goldify! You should all check out Little Green Notebook’s site, there are some amazing DIYs in there and her home is so beautiful.

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