You know how everyone has been banging on about Houzz lately? And, well, I just didn’t get it. I mean, Pinterest works fine for me but then I perused Houzz because they now have actual UK stuff, which is far handier and I came across my dream kitchen. Seriously, just LOOK AT IT.


Foxgrove kitchen.5.5.1416922

Have you ever….

Foxgrove kitchen.5.5.1416933

It’s just so…

Foxgrove kitchen.5.5.1416944 1


LOOK AT THAT WHITE AGA! I WANT ONE. Fortunately for Mr. Brown I won’t be demanding one because I know how much they cost. Boy is it a yikes. One day. One day…

Anyway, back to the point. On Houzz it shows who the designer is and I now officially stalk everything that Blakes London does. We can’t afford their kitchens at this present time (remember that whole dreamy ‘one day’ nonsense? Same applies here). So I was drooling over the tiled floor and I thought, ‘sod it, I’m going to use their ask a question function’, you have to understand, I’m not an asker or a commenter or a texter-inner. So I did and Blakes actually replied! Lord, I nearly swooned. Anyway, for anyone else unable to control their dribble over those outrageous floors this is what Blakes told me personally, because we’re like this ‘x’ now, they are Wood 161W porcelain tiles from European Heritage:

wood 161w_life_shot

They/she/he (I like to think it’s a he, helps with the irrational obsession) recommend ordering samples so I have! Because Blakes said so! I don’t think I’ve ever, ever used this many exclamation marks. And, just to show you how truly wonderful Blakes are, here’s another one of their kitchens (NSFW).








I know, ridiculous, right?

So, to round up, I have a kitchen problem and Houzz is brilliant because it allows you to actually find out where stuff is from and who the designer is (so that you can stalk them).

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