“I’m not allowed to buy anything anymore” Want List

We get our keys in TEN days so I am officially banning myself from any more frivolous purchases. I knew this day was coming and so I did go a little crazy – you know purged the spending out of my system before I have to spend money on things like build over agreements for our drain. Seriously, the paperwork costs a fortune, those swines. Obviously, as soon as I knew I wasn’t allowed to spend any money on clothes etc I came across loads of stuff I wanted.



An Ikat jumpsuit to match my cushions. I’m clinging on to the remnants of summer.


This perfect skirt.


This bag that I definitely don’t need but want anyway.


A horned bracelet.


I think this is my dream belt.


Super pretty.


Super stylish.


A sheer trench is weirdly naughty.


Chic dress from Dutti.


I’m really fussy about patterns, I rarely buy patterned clothing because of it but somehow Warehouse is better with their pattern/floral designs.


There’s sophistication in this piece.

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