Amazing furniture and homewares. Vintage and everything.

Today I’m bringing you Incredible Finds from the Internet.

Let’s start with THE PEANUT VENDOR, because it has the best name.

PV4155-1_A._Kropacek_and_K._Kozelka_for_Interier_PrahaJust look at those arms.


This would look gorgeous in a hallway with storage underneath.


I’ve been hunting for a side table and I really want this one but Mr. Brown may say it’s a little too expensive (I would too but I don’t want him to know that).


Weird but that’s why I like it.

Okay, I couldn’t help it, rich people, if you’re reading, follow me to ROOMSCAPE.


Weathly person, meet your new chandelier.


I don’t know what’s happening here but I like it. A Lot.

All their Saporiti sofas and armchairs were sold, which is a shame, because I thought we could pretend to buy them. Let’s just ogle them anyway shall we?


Okay, that’s enough of that. We’re off to ROSE AND GREY where everything is beautiful and much more affordable.

 rse 1

 I think everyone deserves a gold leaf dish.


Just look at that flex.

rse4 rse

 I love these frames so much it hurts. They even have teeny tiny ones (okay, they’re the ones that get me the most).


Such a pretty little mirror.

Now to RIGBY AND MAC, the home of three shops in one. This is a huge favourite of mine.

blue chair 2

These chairs are brilliant not just because they look good but they stack as well. I may have to get some for our flat.


Smart and modern – perfect for a small home office.


Technically these are really related to interiors but if I had them I’d keep them on display, so it counts.


This clock would look really lovely in a kitchen, in fact, it would look really lovely in our kitchen…

I’ve only gone and saved the best ’til last. I know, you’re excited, right? I’m currently unhealthily obsessed with this shop and I have to thank Stylist for pointing me in its direction. I’ve been hunting for affordable vintagey furniture for our flat and his website is fantastic and I think the prices are really reasonable. Ladies and gents, I give you BLUE SUNTREE.

101_790_pur10I’m 98% sure I’m buying this chair as a present for myself as I’m not sure it can come out of our flat budget. It will be totally worth it though.


This chair will make any room 99.9% better. I hope one day to have one.


Once you’re in this chair you’re in but, really, why would you ever want to get out?


I have always wanted an Eames style chair like this one.


Simple but so effective.


These dining chairs are so elegant.


We don’t need a bed right now but if we did this would be a serious contender.


I’d love a pair of these above our bed but they’re just too expensive. So beautiful though.




A concrete pendant will make you instantly awesome. Trust me.


This little guy is in the sale. Happiness all round.


Nice little side table.


Snazzy although, generally I avoid glass – so much cleaning.

Okay, I’ve out-searched myself but I’m sure you’ll find many more incredible things on these websites. *Drops mouse*.

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