When I was going through the shops for my last post I came across this one and I loved it so much that I felt it deserved its own post, plus the prices are reasonable.

I love what Xylo brings out in furniture – usually I’m not a huge fan of painted furniture as people tend to get it wrong but Xylo creates pieces which are more of an art form.

DSC_0389_grandeEveryday kitchen chairs suddenly become cool.

WWT-38_grandeCohesion through colour – brilliant.


This Roche sideboard would normally be heavy and over-powering but Xylo’s choice of paint colour tones it down, making it a far more appealing piece.




A round table would fit into our kitchen better and I didn’t really like the idea of one, until now.


That colour…

So, yep, Xylo’s won me over.

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