Ebay sofa and chair finds

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect armchairs for a while now, hence all the posts with armchairs in. Whilst looking for options that could be re-upholstered I came across some great finds that with some new material could be amazing pieces. 


Give her a chance and she could be an incredible piece, I’m a little upset we’ve already bought a sofa. Just imagine her in a jewel coloured cotton velvet. Oh my.

$_57 (1)

Her sister is possibly even hotter

$_57 (2)

This sofa in two tone (I’m thinking blues) would be incredible – obv get rid of the leather, or have it all leather, your call. I think this is the sofa I wish I had the mostest as it has huge potential AND it’s a sofa bed – handy. 

$_57 (3)

New seat pads in a lovely sage fabric would make this pair pretty perfect.

$_57 (4)

Orig Ercol. Hard to say no, right?

$_57 (5)

If possible I’d strip back the black to reveal the wood underneath and then re-upholster. I like the strong masculine base and the fact that it rocks. So cool.

$_57 (6)

A lovely matching set for your living room. They look seriously comfortable.


$_57 (7)

I actually really like the colour on this chair, although I would probably want a lighter blush. This chair belongs with a lovely dressing table.

$_57 (8)

I would love to re-upholster this chair in a teal cotton velvet and have it as my desk chair but I think it’s too big for our little office. Sad face. It would be nice to have a massive chair and Mr. Brown to have a small one. Oh the power.

$_57 (9)

This chair would look amazing with a really bright colour leather – like a bright green. I have an Edwardian chair in this shape and I adore it and despite the thin seat cushion it’s surprisingly comfortable.

$_57 (10)

I REALLY love these chairs, they are achingly beautiful. The problem? I’m not sure if they’re too large for our living room. One would be ideal but two could over-power the room. Oh the decisions. (I really struggled sharing these with you but if they sell for hundreds it will help my decision).

$_57 (11)

In fabric this would be a cool little rocker.

$_57 (12)

How insanely comfortable does this chair look?


Curved sofas scare some people but in the right room they can look phenom. I’m thinking emerald green for this bad boy.

$_57 (13)

I’d love to get my hands on this pair but I think, sadly, I prefer the pair in Birmingham, which require hiring a courier. Urgh, decisions!

$_57 (14)

Can’t you just see this armchair in your living room? What a beauty.

Now all I need to do is decide on a purchase and then find an upholsterer. Any recommendations in Crystal Palace/Penge?



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