DIY Tile Design


I’m supposed to be doing a lot of things right now, like going to the gym for the first time in months or sending important emails regarding our flat, or writing my novel… Instead I’ve been doodling. Yep, Queen of procrastination over here. Anyway, I was wondering what to do with some leftover tile samples for our bathroom and so I tested out my gold paint pen on one of the tiles and they weren’t lying when they say it can draw on anything.


If you want to do the same then start by wiping down your tile as you’ll need a clean surface so the paint colour holds fast. I used a picture I took from the Alhambra as reference for my pattern and I drew freehand, hence the un-symmetricalness of the picture. You might want to plan a bit better.

Remember as well, sometimes less is more with art but filling the tile with patterns would also look really good.


This has given me the perfect solution for replacing our hideous fireplace tiles.

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