Seville, Cordoba and Granada

744 photos later I am a little blearly eyed but ready to share with you our trip to Spain. Rhonda isn’t included in this trip as we’ve been before – if you’re thinking of traveling to Andalucia then I highly recommend a visit (although get the train, the drive up the mountain is seriously pukey).

We flew to Gibraltar as my sister lives there and we were fortunate enough to have this view every night:

IMG_4413 copy


Let me start by saying that Seville was our favourite city – it didn’t necessarily have the best historic sites but it had so much life and culture. You won’t find anywhere more authentically Spanish.

We drove to Seville from Gibraltar easily, it was only when we reached the city that problems began. An hour and a half later we found our hotel with diminished holiday spirit. Don’t trust your SatNav in Spanish towns, they do not understand one way systems. We stayed in a sweet little hotel that was basic but clean, the only downside was the bed wasn’t comfortable and so I’m not going to recommend it to you.

The brilliant receptionist told us the best place in Seville is the Plaza de España and it really was breathtaking.


IMG_4434The town centre has a lot to offer as well.

IMG_4489And in the evening you can happen upon some street performers. For food Eslava is a truly authentic Tapas bar – the floor is littered with paper napkins, a sign of a place popular with locals and you’re served a tapa with your drink. The staff are incredibly friendly and this is one place where you can’t find food that isn’t deep fried (quite a challenge, believe me).

IMG_6070Looks expensive, right? It isn’t, I can’t remember the exact price but I think that pretty slow poached egg was under €2.


You can’t miss out Cordoba because the Mezquita is one of the most beautiful places you’ll visit. We stayed in a fantastic hotel called Hospederia del Altalia that was a minutes walk away from the Mezquita.

IMG_4556IMG_4583IMG_4588We kept making the mistake of arriving in the afternoon and having to walk around at the hottest part of the day but the heat exhaustion didn’t take away any of the beauty of the old city.


We struggled to find food that wasn’t deep fried until we wondered into the main town and came across a restaurant called Cerveceria la Surena that I think is a chain. Cheap, cheerful and not everything is fried.


Obviously the Alhambra is the main attraction in Granada but I’d also go back just to have another ice cream from Los Italianos. They don’t seem to have a website but their specialties (one of them is on the right) are ice cream heaven.

IMG_6138Fortunately our flat was near Calle Navas which has fantastic restaurants and we had a delicious paella at El 8 but I can’t seem to find a website so a food photo will have to do.

IMG_6132The Alhambra speaks for itself really.

IMG_4880IMG_5040IMG_5010 IMG_4924 IMG_4916Then it was back to Gib to hang out with the apes.

IMG_5068 copy 2

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