I’ve been struggling to find the rug of my dreams at a price that doesn’t make me reach for the gin. My current loves are Beni Ourain, over-dyed and silk rugs. Yep, the expensive ones.

I decided long ago that our home office will have this rug from IKEA.


At £200 it’s hardly cheap though but it is loverly.

And Adum is my fall back guy for the living room if I get stumped because it’s big enough and it’ll do for now.


But my heart wants rugs like these few below.


£1009.21 – gulp (but the bonus is these rugs can all be made to size). This is currently my favourite.


£1640.37 (well, they are handmade)


If I ever have a little girl she gets this rug – it’s too girly for Mr. Brown to get on board with for our living room. She’d definitely be worth £1135.45.


£758 – we’re getting there.


£631.15 – but is it too bright?


Or do I go fancy and get a bamboo silk rug from The Real Rug Company? I’m kind of excited by them because not only can I order a rug to size but I can choose the colour, which is pretty important to me. The only thing is, I’m undecided on whether or not I like the silk look. Is it too boudoiry?


I’d love your feedback to help me pick – it seems rugs cost far more than I anticipated and so I want to get it right.

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