George Home at Asda (wait, wha…?)

Do not be frightened by the title of this post… Let me explain.

I read a lot of blogs and design sites and I’m always so impressed with the home ranges from Target and I’ve struggled to find a cheap equivalent in the UK. Yes, we have Ikea, Tiger and Hema but I was looking for cheap lighting and furniture that I didn’t have to drive to Croydon for (although soon that won’t be such an issue as I’ll be way too close to Croydon).

Then I thought, Asda is owned by Walmart, maybe they have cottoned on to this awesomeness. And, well, they kinda have. Now, lets not be design snobs and only shop in the posh places, let’s revel in the value of this collection. Trust me, you’re going to love me for this.


Just look at those curves.


Are you getting it yet?


I’d prefer this in white but you might prefer this lovely wood.


Okay, this isn’t cheap but nice, right?


Guess how much? You’re thinking minimum £950, right? Nope, you’re WRONG. £449. BOOM.


£429 for a sofa bed? Insane – especially for one with such a lovely shape.


Perfect for a retro look.


For £7 you can paint the base any colour you like to match your room. Nice canary yellow for some drama anyone?

See, it doesn’t cost much to make your home pretty. Did I convince you?

2 thoughts on “George Home at Asda (wait, wha…?)

  1. Whilst reading all your design blogs and websites if you see any affordable stylish desks suited to a modern flat please let me and Ash know…. we are deseperate to find a good sized desk that looks nice and can be used as work station for Ash / creative sewing table for me… one has to exist!!!!!!! x


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