Tom Dixon style lights for less

3pcs-set-NEW-Modern-TOM-Dixon-Beat-A-B-C-Kitchen-House-Bar-Pendant-Lamp-LightSometimes I hang out in John Lewis, you know, just because. I was walking dreamily around staring into far too many bright lights when I came across Tom Dixon’s Fat Beat Pendant light. It was love. And then hate – £275! TWO HUNDRED AND SEVENTY FIVE POUNDS, for a light. JL and I fell out right there and then. (Let’s all ignore the fact I recently bought a chandelier for around £200 – it was extra special and chandeliers are allowed to be pricey. Besides, it was more an art piece than anything. Okay?)

I went home and I did what I always do when I think something is too expensive, I try and find a cheaper alternative and by jove I did! I was mighty dubious about buying a similar light from China off AliExpress but they (I bought two for our hall) arrived today and they are exactly like the Tom Dixon ones. Guess how much they were? Go on…. Oh, you don’t want to? Fine, $35 – that’s only £21.97. Corrrrrrr.

233654419alt3Our hallway is going to look so stylish – I’m just too excited.

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