We’re In! Moving house + Paint Colours

Yep, we moved in and it was right rainy.

Getting everything out was terrible, I sat drinking tea watching over the horror unfold whilst Mr. Brown, his brother and removal man Greg hauled everything into the basement car park – not an easy feat. The greatest packing lesson I’ve learnt is it is worth packing everything into proper boxes, it makes shifting and packing it up so much easier.

Fortunately we live in a ground floor flat now so that part went quickly, even if everyone, except me (I’d done all the packing, just in case you think I’m lazy), got soaked. As the carpets were going into the bedrooms on Monday everything was stacked in the living room kitchen and hall.



The first night we slept in the living room, which was like being at a sleepover. Then it was up at 5am to get back to sorting things out (Mr. Brown had to go to work and I knew that later on he’d say ‘I’ve been up since five’ so I got up too JUST so he couldn’t say that. He still tried to use it, the fool.). Whilst unpacking I made the mistake of 1) trying to move a very tall cupboard when there’s a massive sofa in the hall and not much turning space. I was trapped for a short while. 2) I moved the bed down the tiny gap between the sofa (so happy divan’s are two pieces) but I got the mattress covered in floor dust, which is kinda embedded in it now and I dropped the divan on my foot. Fortunately divan’s aren’t heavy and I had a Hello Kitty plaster to hand.

Mr. Brown returned home at 10:30pm – working on films involves loooong hours. He then had a quiet word with me about waiting for him to move things and I’ve already been told today to not attempt the wardrobes again – “just think of your foot”. Without letting him rest I put him to work on getting the curtain rail up so we could sleep in our bedroom, new pillows and all. I’d like to apologise again to our neighbours for 11:30pm drilling, that was bad of us but we were desperate.

It’s still chaos, boxes everywhere, dust on and in everything. Not a toilet seat in sight. However, Mr. Brown had the builders help him move the sofa to the living room today before he left for work – this involved taking it back out the front door, walking it around and down the back alley and through the kitchen doors. Yeah, 4 seater sofas aren’t the easiest to maneuver. The main thing I need right now is for our screws to arrive for our kitchen island as they weren’t in the box, then I can organise the kitchen properly. As you can see it’s pretty chaotic right now.


All we have left to do now is paint every room and varnish the floors and put up shelves. Seeing as it took me three days to paint the bedroom and it still needs to be touched up I don’t think we’ll have a single room properly painted in time for Christmas. This pains me deeply. I’m starting to realise that if you want things done with speed it’s always better to get someone else to do it. If we had the time or the walls were in a colour we didn’t like I wouldn’t bother paying for it but I’m seriously considering it seeing as there’s just plaster at the moment. Maybe just have them do the one room…. at first.

I’m spending an exorbitant amount of time looking at Little Greene colour scales. I’d promised myself I’d find cheap alternatives and I had samples from Leyland mixed that seemed close to the colours I wanted but none of them really hit the mark for me. There’s something softer about Little Greene’s colours. I’ve ordered samples of Tracery II for the kitchen, I’m hoping it’ll look like a dusky sage as one colour I tried was too blue and the other too yellow. For the hallway I’m thinking Shallows, a nice gentle light grey that with work well with black pendant lights and I’ll co-ordinate a rug to match, I didn’t plan on a monochrome entrance hall but it’s swinging that way. For the living room I wanted white as there’ll be a lot of colour in there but not bright white like the bedroom. I chose Loft White because in the flat it looked softer but looking at it online now it looks like a titanium, hopefully it’s a little gentler than that. Finally, for the bathroom I ordered Bone China Blue Mid – I love blue in bathrooms but I didn’t want the tone to be too cold, and there needed to be some grey in the colour as the floor tiles have grey in them. I could only get close to matching the darker shade in the series, all lighter blues I found were too fresh. For the small bedroom we’ll paint it bright white as well. It really works in our room and it’s not something I’d normally do but because both rooms are small it brings a lovely airiness.

So, that’s that. Tonight I’ll be unpacking clothes, hopefully. Last night I was diving into bags trying to find work clothes. I couldn’t find my make-up, which isn’t much of a problem as I can never be bothered to put it on but I am relieved I managed to find my deodorant but not as relieved as Mr. Brown was.

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