All about the Caulk

You know when you’ve spent hours painting a room and you finish, your everything aches but you’re feeling pretty damned smug because you’re finally done and then you look around and you think to yourself… Why the bourbon biscuit doesn’t it look all perfect like all those pins on my Pinterest? It’s the caulk dears, it’s the caulk.

So caulk comes in a long tube and it’s cheap, but you need the weird contraption to help you squeeze it out. It comes out like toothpaste, you run it along skirting boards, doorframes, dado rails, picture rails etc and then smooth it over with your finger. You can paint over it, if needs be. This little trick basically turns a meh job into a profesh finish. Pin-worthy my dears, pin-worthy.


So let’s take a look at my horrendous looking before pictures and the beautiful afters.

IMG_7802In our second bedroom we have this weird box over the wires and it was far too spenny to change, and so we begrudgingly stuck with it. It needs a second coat of paint (I was mint green) and above it was this ugly gap. Real ugly. Out came the caulk and now it’s gone. Huzzah!


We’ve yet to caulk all our picture rails in the living room but I know it’s going to make a massive difference to the finish. It’s probably one of the best tricks we’ve discovered since decorating the place ourselves. Go on, get your caulk on.

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