Haché – The BEST burger in London

I’ve been meaning to write about Haché for a VERY long time as Jules’ brother manages all 5 restaurants. He’s The Boss. So yes, I am a little biased writing this but I also have excellent tastebuds.

Haché’s been around since 2004, way before all these trendos came to town and they’ve taken their time to focus on the quality of what they deliver, and it really shows. Decor wise the restaurants are definitely far more dinner date friendly as well. Go get your romance on.

Knowing that I would have to do Haché justice I actually bothered to take our camera out, so, for once, you have nice pictures to look at.

IMG_5394I am literally salivating already. HOW GOOD DOES THAT BURGER LOOK?!

So, anyway, you know when you wake up really, really, ridiculously, hungover and all you want is a burger? You go out, get a burger and it just never quite hits the spot – it’s never as juicy or as flavoursome as your pained body requires? Well, that’s because those burgers are firstly, not Haché (duh) and secondly they use everyday mince, not steak hache. That second point is what makes all the difference. Any other burger chain I’ve been to I’ve found the meat a bit dry and chewy but Haché‘s burgers are just so melt-in-your mouth it makes you want to weep.

We were fortunate enough to go to the pre-opening on Wednesday of the newest restaurant in Balham and honestly, it was the best burger yet. I had the Steak Milano – buffalo mozzarella, Parmesan shavings on sun-dried tomato tapenade in the softest, fluffiest brioche bun. And I eat my meat well done and it was still super succulent – that’s the sign of some fantastic cheffing. I would definitely recommend the Steak Louisiana as well – peanut butter and mature cheddar cheese. Insanity.


Loving the decor in the new restaurant.

The french fries and wedges were spot on, as always, and the greatest thing is, you’re getting the best burger in London FOR A TENNER.

I wouldn’t let anyone on my table eat until I’d taken pictures of their food, which I’m sure was really annoying.



Jules doesn’t like this pic because it’s my well done burger. He thinks it’s a crime against meat. IT ISN’T.


Jules and I stayed a little longer and shared the giant slab of brownie but I didn’t want to waste time taking a photo, especially as Jules was in Brownie Attack Mode. Their brownies are so frickin’ good. It was well worth the heartburn.

I seriously, truly, madly, recommend Haché, I just hope there are more restaurants to come.

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