Bathroom Reveal

I know what just happened, you read the title to this post and you were like finally. The thing is, although most of our rooms have been nearly there for a few weeks the final push didn’t happen until this weekend and I am so very tired today. I only manged to photograph the bathroom on Sunday because the sun did that thing where it doesn’t hang around for very long and I still had jobs to do around the flat. Hopefully, if there’s time, I’ll photograph at least the bedroom this weekend. Due to my impressive level of tiredness you’re not going to get much out of me by way of words today. Don’t be relieved. Jeeeeeez.

Let’s remember the bathroom before, shall we?



This is what it looked like when we bought it. It wasn’t the worst bathroom I’ve ever seen but it was very ‘meh’. Oh and that mint wall was wallpaper, obvs. So, we decided to rip everything out. There was no need but it was more fun that way. Now, this is where obessively taking pictures comes in handy, you’re about to see the many stages of the bathroom.


I’m not going to lie to you, chiseling off tiles was super fun, until most of the wall came away. We left it to the builder after that. And then, then it looked like this… Yeah, it wasn’t our fault all the mortar came off, just a really old house, hence why you can see brick work.


The best bit about this time was toilet situation. We didn’t really hang around there much at this point.


The boiler was moved from the bedroom and the tiles went up.IMG_6878


The boiler had a cupboard built around it and our toilet and sink were put in.


Then we tested out paint colour. I actually love this one but Jules felt it was too dark so we went a shade lighter. I don’t resent him for it though, don’t worry.


Then the painting started and I cannot tell you how much of a b*tch that cabinet was to paint. So big, so dark and so much satin paint. It took THREE coats. Urgh. Jules pointed out that maybe we should have painted it blue. Well, maybe but it was too late by then. For some reason the bathroom was almost done for ages but there were just so many little things that never quite got finished and it was really annoying. However, now it is well and truly done (although I’ve just realised I’ve photographed it but haven’t swapped out the handles on the sink cabinet for the lovely blue ones I bought. Too tired to care though. I’ll insta them soon.)

So… here it is… the BIG reveal… Dum da da dum dum duuuuuuum.


Toilet and tiles from Better Bathrooms. Bath, bath tap and shower head supplied by our plumber. Plant and fluffiest bathmat alive from Ikea. Tiny bin that annoys the hell outta Jules, Wilko.IMG_5451

Print from Sarah and Bendrix. Stupidly fluffy towel from BHS. Honestly, their towels are incredible and so well priced.IMG_5435.JPG

Mirror (only 10cm deep, so good) and tap from Better Bathrooms and sink plus cabinet from Ikea.

Annoyingly the above picture is horribly out of focus. This is what happens when you’re trying to do too many things in one day. At some point I’ll take another. IMG_5438

 I should have realised when taking this picture that I hadn’t put the new handles on. *Slaps forehead*.IMG_5444 Tiles from Walls and Floors.IMG_5430IMG_5448 IMG_5450Originally the fern moved to the bathroom because it was sick and it needed the humidity but we just love having it in there so it’s staying put. The fern’s happy because it’s in a better environment and we’re happy because it makes the bathroom look pretty.

Behind I door there was already a space for shelving. We had planned on re-designing the bathroom layout but in the end what was there worked well and we decided to save money and stick with it. By the time I got around to taking pictures of our shelves it was dark, hence the gloomy pics.


Shelves handmade by Jules and they’re fantastic because they work like a little airing cupboard.


I think I bought the first aid tin from Amazon but I can’t find it anymore. Nail varnish box from Muji.

IMG_5442Top basket from Zara Home (no longer in stock), bottom set from Ikea.

And finally, let’s see the before and after side by side, because it brings me joy.


I wish I’d taken better photos but part of my just doesn’t care, all I want is to crawl back home to my bed. So, this is what you get. Boyce out.

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