Why you need to spend time planning a room

In some parts of our flat we took our time to really think things through, in others… not so much. Overall we’re really happy with how its turned out but even so, there are some things we’d do differently next time around. One of the most important things when renovating/decorating is planning. I hate planning, it’s a very unnatural process for me; you’ll never find a plan for any of my writing work (which could be part of the problem). I’m going to use our bedroom as an example of why planning can really help because I’ll be photographing it this weekend (hopefully).

Our bedroom is small and I have A LOT of clothes.  We started by drawing lots of different layout options on graph paper, because I don’t know how to use fancy interior design programmes.



But, none of them were really working. It was a real head-scratcher. Where would all my dresses go dammit?! Not one to be deterred, ever (gotta love that stubborn streak), I decided that the Internet could help. Searching for ‘small bedroom storage solutions’ or some such, I came across a post on Apartment Therapy. And this baby was where we drew our inspiration from:

bedroom built ins 7

I admit, our bedroom has one too many chest of drawers in it for it to look wonderful, stylistically speaking, but, sometimes you just need to be practical. Thank you AP and Lola Lina for fixing the seemingly unfixable. Reveals coming soon. And of course, the moral of the post: Do Thy Research.


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