Oh hai.

I know, I know, I’ve been AWOL. So, here come the excuses. There was lots of cleaning and tidying for starters because we only went a put our flat on the market. LOOOOONS aren’t we? Yep, and I am so over making it look nice in time for viewings. Then it was the run up to my sister’s wedding, which involved cake prep and then I went my parent’s to make the cake and then it was The Wedding. My Mum did all the flowers, growing most of them herself and they were ridiculous and my sisters tied the lavender to all the place settings and came back drugged from the somnolent scent.


Just some of the incred flowers my Mum did.

It was such an amazing day, she looked soooo beautiful. She totally channeled her inner Audrey. Gorgeous dress by Raimon Bundo (it were this one (that is not my sister)).

1_615_3555Dalia8-16378 Dalia-back-396x623

Doing up the buttons under the bow was a right nightmare and the groom was in no state to help her out of it at 3am, I was asleep and so fortunately the female DJ helped free her. Phew. The objective to keep her veil on as long as poss failed thanks to almighty winds but we have some snaps with it. The cake I made melted on one side because the venue refused to turn down the heating and it was next to a radiator but thanks to some quick fixing and the bouquets I managed to hide most of the damage.


This is the cake post collapse.

Monday came and I had the day off work. I was so excited. I got all my boring admin out of the way and settled down for a day in front of the telly and that’s when I started to feel ill. So yeah, I was really ill, sent to hospital by the doctor and everything but I didn’t have to stay overnight, always a bonus but they gave me anti-sickness drugs which were a dreeeeam. It was a good week. Anyway, I’m back in work this week and taking my drugs like the good patient I am. Soon enough I’ll be in fine fettle. The most important thing to come out of this though is that Jules is like, the best: sitting up with me all night on the bathroom floor, sitting with me in A&E for 4 1/2 hrs, giving me so much sympathy when I cried pathetically over and over again. You see, I’m a total hypochondriac and so I forget that when I am actually ill he is superb. Litro couldn’t be more grateful. Go Jules.

So, that’s what’s been going oooooon. I’m still feeling ‘weird’ as I described to my doctor. She totally got what I meant though, apparently that is a normal description for what ails me. I’m not going to promise lots of posts because of the feeling weird but you never know, I may just pull out one more this week.

And finally, it’s March people, that means the end of the coldness is nigh. HURRAY.

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