Bedroom Reveal

So, I have finally started to feel normals again and I managed to whip out the camera and take the final few pics of our bedroom. I know, go me.

So, let’s just enjoy what it looked like before, shall we?


Yep, it was a beaut. In the corner you can see a cupboard, that was the boiler. Nothing like spending a ridiculous amount of money to move a boiler.

Let’s start with the bed as I did that whole, let me explain how I chose the layout, post.


As you can see our bedroom is super light and bright, thanks to the massive window looking out onto our cute little garden. I love lying in bed and looking out over it. All these photos are a little over-exposed but I’m having a war against technology moment so they’re staying washed out.


Below is more of the ‘unmade’ look, which works well with these superbly gorgeous linen sheets from H&M. Seriously, you need to get some.


Jules had a genius plan to use an old desk top and screw it into the top of our Pax wardrobes. We now can use all the amazing height to its full advantage. The key to a small room is finding ways to store things. That extra space has helped so much, as well as the brilliant storage solutions that Pax wardrobes offer. Above the bed Jules fixed up one of my Dad’s old wine crates and it’s perfect for our wake-up light as when it’s behind your bed it really works well at mimicking sunrise.

We also have these great little Ikea lamps (which I can’t seem to find online anymore) that I spray painted.


And to give the wardrobes that very necessary piece of glamorousnous I bought some handles (no longer on sale, sorry) from Anthropologie.


Opposite our bed is my 1920s dresser. It needs a paint but I’m so over painting still so it’ll have to wait.



So yeah, I think that’s it. How disappointing, I don’t know why it took me so long to post. I feel as let down as you do. Let’s just hope my ability to eat chocolate once more brings me the pep I need to write more posts.

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