Affordable and Amazing Glasses

You may not have vision issues and so you may not consider this post relevant but WAIT! Don’t go. The two shops I’m about to tell you about sell sunglasses or you could just buy some frames and pull off the intelligent geek look that, personally, I wear very well.

So. lasses have been an issue for me for the longest time. One, they’re so expensive. Two, none of them suit me because I have a pea-head. Three, I never wear my contacts because they’re bloody uncomfortable and so they need to suit me. Four, my eyesight keeps getting worse, which sort of ties in with point one.

I spent a long time recently going to every shop in London (I don’t even think that’s an exaggeration) trying to find a pair that fit my tiny head and I was even willing to pay the big bucks. In the end I went to Bailey Nelson in Covent Garden (they have a few shops about) and bought myself a pair of matt tortoiseshell glasses named Joyce and they only cost £98. Wait, what?! Yup, that includes anti-reflection coating, my favourite of coatings, and thinning of my giant prismatic right lens. Holy cow, right? But the thing I like most is that a lot of the glasses are named after authors or characters in literature. Bailey Nelson, you just know how to please a lady.

Here are some of their super-kewl styles.


This is Joyce, this is what I wear. No, you can’t have a selfie of me. I don’t have the make-up on and my hair is doing that static thing that thin, limp hair likes to do.


I do like Wells in Cherry Blossom, very good.


Cortes, because you don’t have to have plastic frames.


Claude rocks. I’m thinking of going full glasses and getting prescription sunnies too.

The second shop is Cubitts off Carnaby Street. I didn’t get a pair from there but they do some great styles and they’re only £125 with lenses (I’m not sure if they do anti-reflection and thinning in that price, but it’s still blaaaahdy good).

I liked me some Herbrand when I was a-looking.

Wicklow is pretty high style as well.

Wynford – very sixities-business-sexy.

Seaford – snazz-tastic.

So, there you have it, the nicest glasses on the market, that I could find, at a fraction of the price of your Oliver Peoples and Chanel.

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