Kitchen Reveal

Originally when I wanted to do this reveal, oh, five months ago, I’d planned on styling my kitchen to make it sah sah beautiful. But, I never got round to actually doing it because 1) once i’ve cleaned and tidied I’m very sleepy, 2) the thought of re-arranging my hundreds of pieces of crockery fills me with dread, 3) it takes a lot of time, which I never seem to have, 4) on the few days I’ve considered doing it it’s been bloomin’ gloomy and the photos would be terrible. So today the sun is out, the flat is tidy and I thought, screw styling the place, you all can just see it as it is. Wedding invites on display and all.IMG_5855 copyLet’s take a gander at what the room looked like when we went to look around it before we bought the flat.

a9fd0dfde3e9d2edcd68253899c95ebdOn the left is a chimney breast which we removed and in front there’s a window we turned into a door and a door we blocked up.

IMG_5865X marks the spot. Where Jules is standing we opened up to let light through.

We stripped wallpaper and had it damp proofed…

IMG_6410 IMG_6412

Found terrifying cracks…

IMG_6454Removed the chimney…


And then the kitchen went in…

IMG_6948 IMG_7081 IMG_7009Then it was painted and we moved in and I didn’t photograph it because I’m rubbish. So, here are the after pics. My apologies for the lack of styling, I’m sure you can look past it.

IMG_5896The kitchen, light and stool are from Ikea. The rug is from H&M. The bunting is leftover from Jules’ birthday because I can’t quite reach to take it down.


IMG_5898IMG_5879 IMG_5860IMG_5882IMG_5883

The tap is from better bathrooms (they do kitchen taps too).

IMG_5846My sister gave me these scales – I love them saaaaaah much.


The above photo is mini because of our hideous washing machine and microwave (next time we’re getting built-ins) and the cluttered shelves.


My very un-styled shelves but I love them so much. Our builder custom made them to our spec and when our washing machine, which is below them, is on, they don’t even tremor.

IMG_5870View from living room and to living room.

IMG_5875And there you have it, our kitchen. Finally.


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