Fantasy and Sci-Fi Book Recommendations

Recently I’ve been indulging my inner geek and reading a hellava lot of Fantasy. Fantasy wasn’t really a genre I read much of until this year and now I’m suffering from an addiction. Jules is constantly furious at me because I don’t talk to him anymore and as I’m reading about 5 books a week  – it’s getting very expensive.

Here are my recommendations:

The Throne of Glass series (next installment out in Sept 1st)

For me, this is the best series I’ve read. The main character is fierce and angry and brilliant. Yes it starts with a love triangle, which usually I hate but this isn’t infuriating, it makes sense and it’s clean and not teen anxty in any way. Seriously, if you’re not sure about fantasy try this one. I literally cannot wait for the next installment. Writing about it makes me want to read it all again.

Seven Realms

I’ve just finished these books, they got me through my days off work sick. The last two in the quartet are saaaaaaah good. This is some epic high fantasy; Raisa is tough and I love a strong female character and Han is, I can’t believe I’m about to write this, totes swoonworthy. There, I said it. Shame on me. The street dialect is just perfect and Micah is one of those bad but not totally bad characters that you can’t quite fully hate. I’m excited to read more of Chima’s work.

Fire and Thorns trilogy

Elisa is a great main character because for once she’s not achingly beautiful and she loves food, which I respect so much. Some complain that she loses weight and it ruins it but, she doesn’t go on a diet to conform to societal pressures, she gets busy and in situations where there’s limited food and she’s finally doing something. The only thing that upsets me is I find the whole ‘godstone in her belly button’ kinda weird. I know it’s the central story but it just… I don’t know, it bothered me all the way through. It was just a bit odd.

Penryn and the End of Days

The first book is just fantastic. Penryn is fierce in her quest to rescue her sister and the reasoning behind her fighting skill is clever and brings so much to the story. Such a brilliant beginning. I didn’t have a problem with the second book but the third, I’m not sure why, just didn’t quite do it for me. But I still really enjoyed it.

Graceling Realm

Honestly, I think the last book is the most accomplished, I did enjoy the first two but I felt like by book three there was finally some real plot and structure. Also, the name Bitterblue is the coolest. It’s not in my top, top series but it’s a good read if you’re lacking.

Here are some Sci-Fi options as well:

The Lunar Chronicles (final installment out in Nov)

Cyborg cinderella – genius. The world building in this series is so good, it blew me away. Read it. Marissa Meyer is brain achingly brilliant.

Chaos Walking

This trilogy is superbly written, the first book is, in my opinion, one of the best written YA dystopia/sci-fi books out there. I think even people who would usually cringe away from these genres would appreciate Patrick Ness’ writing.

The Chronos Files (final installament out Oct)

Time travel can be really hard on the brain but I still enjoyed the first two books of this trilogy and the way it manages to convey what happens when a timeline changes. I am anxious to see how Walker manages to untangle everything in the final book… Maybe wait and see what people say about the final book before you dive into this one.

Please let me know if you have any fantasy recommendations, I literally can’t stop reading at the moment and so I spend most of my time on goodreads trawling for new recommendations.

In other book news… Rebellion is now with an editor and I’ve had some sketches back from a designer for the cover. I’m not going to estimate on a release date yet because I’m not sure how many editorial changes I’ll need to make but I will keep you all apprised.

The only problem is now I really want to write fantasy but I’ll have to wait to finish another book I’m working on and a play first. I have got to learn to write faster!

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