Renovation Progress

I hope you all enjoyed your Easter. Please don’t lie to people and tell them you’re over chocolate, we all know it’s not true.


Yesterday saw some great progress with our flat. The shed arrived at 6:30am (mid-storm) and is now stored inside our flat in the living room, which at 6:30am on a Bank Holiday made me nearly cry but after a nap I found it much more bearable.

Jules and his brother finished building our built-in cabinet and shelves in the living room and they’ve done an amaaaazing job. Seriously.


I supported them with food and beer and occassionally fetching things or filing my nails. I did also manage to paint our communal hall, which looks so much better. We decided to leave the old wallpaper on as stripping it is a pain and the walls underneath are always damaged. Still need to tackle the bright green front door though (not pictured as it’ll make you nauseated).


Our jobs list is still long, very long, but if the weather holds we’ll build our shed this weekend and finally be able to move all the tools, my art stuff and Jules’ gym stuff out of the flat, which will give us space to finish everything off. Jules and Ash have one more shelf unit to build as well which will turn into my reading corner. I cannot waaaaaait.

I am once again extra-sleepy instead of my usual sleepiness, which is perpetual. Are there actual people who ever experience non-tiredness?

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