How I Motivated Myself to Write

I have never been motivated to write, since the day I decided it was my calling and yet, may years later, I found that I was.

I haven’t written a post in a while and that’s mainly because I actually managed to finish the first draft of More Than Human and also edit it. It still needs something towards the end but I need another pair of eyes on it to help me figure out what that something is. Otherwise, I’m really happy with it – I decided to be totally uncompromising when writing it; I haven’t filtered myself at all and so it’s very crude and honest, which I found quite freeing and also why the dedication is this:


Usually I struggle to be motivated, in any way really, but I managed to write this book by:

  1. I stayed with my parents for a week and used my Mum’s artist’s shed (it’s more like a luxury cabin). There was no wifi, 3G or any other kind of distraction and I ended up writing about 20k. That definitely helped kick-start the write-a-thon. I recommend retreating from the modern world to really knuckle down. How I Motivated Myself to Write
  2. I tried out V.E Schwab’s method of giving myself sticker rewards when I reached a target and it turns out, I need shiny things (and unicorns) to motivate me. Worked like a charm.                                                                                    cprfiicwiaid0ge
  3. I socialised even less than normal. Tbh, I loved it.
  4. I told myself to stop being so lazy because, dammit, this book needed to get writ! I was a leeettle stressed because I put a lot of pressure on myself but, it worked and the heartburn has abated now. I for sure deserve another unicorn.

And so now that those horrendous days have passed I’m gearing up to throw myself into the sequel to Rebellion – Resistance. I’ve already started but not really in earnest; it’s been more like a warm-up for the big event. I’ve decided to commit to #NaNoWriMo this year – I have tried it before but only half-heartedly. With my new sticker programme and a looming July 2017 absolute deadline (because I want to have it written, edited, proofed and printed for YALC ) I may just be able to reach the #NaNoWriMo 50k target for the first time ever.

Oh no, I feel the stress-burn emerging already.

I hope this post gets you motivated and you finally push aside the procrastination demons and write that book!

I will now leave you with a quote from More Than Human – if you want more you can find them on Twitter with the hashtag #InspoPosto







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