Planning the Year Ahead

Happy New Year!

January is the month of resolutions but I prefer to plan my year ahead because I’ve never been able to successfully give up chocolate or exercise, therefore, work goals feel more productive. So, here’s a snapshot of my goals for part of next year (and yes, I’m aware March is missing, it’ll just be Resistance Edits). It’s important for me to write down what I need to do for publishing Resistance so that I can keep on track for the July deadline. I recommend setting yourself obtainable month or week-by-week targets if you’re considering self-publishing.


You may notice that I mention a Vlog on there… well, as of today I’m going to start filming a series of videos about self-publishing, I’m hoping they’ll be useful to anyone considering going down this route. Please let me know if there’s anything you want me to include in the series.



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