20 Steps to Self-Publishing your Novel

Rebellion Cover self-publishing

I write about self-publishing a lot and I thought I’d condense everything into one easy to follow post. Most of the items I’ve linked to more in-depth step-by-step guides to help you with self-publishing. If I had a time machine this is how I would have self-published my first novel.

Here is your self-publishing checklist:

Step One: Write book

Step Two: Begin interacting with bloggers, bookstagrammers and twitterers

Step Three: Pay Editor to edit book

Step Four: Edit book once more

Step Five: Send to a couple of beta readers, preferably ones with large social media following

Step Six: Edit one last time

Step Seven: Have book copy edited

Step Eight: Set-up author website

Step Nine: Add author page and book on Goodreads

Step Ten: Have cover designed

Step Eleven: Do a cover reveal

Step Twelve: Have book proofread

Step Thirteen: Send out ARCs (advanced reader copies) to bloggers

Step Fourteen: WAIT for reviews

Step Fifteen: Make any changes you see necessary after reading reviews (or just ignore reviews, you can’t please everyone but if everyone is saying that chapter 3 needs to go, get rid of chapter 3)

Step Sixteen: Announce release date

Step Seventeen: Set-up Goodreads giveaway to coincide with release

Step Eighteen: Contact more bloggers and bookstagrammers to send copies to

Step Nineteen: Focus on talking about impending release on social media

Step Twenty: Release book



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