Where can I find Expert Advice on Self-Publishing?

self publishing formulaSelf Publishing Formula

Recently I came across a website called Self Publishing Formula, which is run by indie bestseller Mark Dawson. It has so much useful information and I was incredibly relieved when I found it because I thought finally there is someone who gets it.

To self-publish you need to market and that side of things is always a little bit glossed over and vague. People will say to use social media and Amazon deals but that’s about it and that, I can tell you, isn’t going to get you very far. Fortunately, my boyfriend has been looking into online marketing recently and was able to help me out in the initial stages but I still felt a little lost, not all of the information was particularly relevant to marketing as a self-published author. And that’s why I was so happy when I found out about Self Publishing Formula.

You see, the thing people don’t want to accept is that to sell books you have to actually sell your books and that isn’t something authors are comfortable doing. I certainly don’t find it rewarding right now, but when my sales increase I think I’ll look at it very differently. What’s important is that if you want people to buy your books you have to put in the work to actually sell them. That’s why publishers have marketing departments and publicists, it’s time to accept that you need to be an author and a salesperson.

What have I gained from Self Publishing Formula? Well, knew I wanted to build my own website and use a funnel for a book giveaway but it was Self Publishing Formula that led me to InstaFreebie. Then I also found out about BookBub through them. Both these tools are incredibly useful and I will post about BookBub and InstaFreebie later.

Self Publishing Formula has a list of recommended resources and I haven’t used all of them because I built my website with Thrive, not Studiopress, which means I don’t need to install a plugin like Leadpages. It just worked better for me that way. Feel free to approach your website using either recommendation.


Mark Dawson also has a podcast with James Blatch, which is incredibly useful. Instead of spending hours reading up on self-publishing you can listen to advice on your way to work, whilst cooking dinner or in the bath.

I’ve found the website and podcast incredibly useful and I’m sure you will too!


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