Cutting Back on Self-Publishing Costs

Cutting costs

I have always wanted to be completely honest about my self-publishing journey and so when I had to make a difficult decision today, I decided I should probably share it with you.

Six years ago I took a temporary part-time job because I had decided to dedicate myself to being a writer. Well, I’m still at my temporary job and gradually, over the years, my hours increased. As of today, however, I am now going to be working 3 days a week. I found that juggling writing, self-publishing (and all that comes with it, like marketing) and work-work was a lot. I had already suffered from reflux for years and it got worse, a lot worse. And so I had to make a difficult decision, cut down on work and have less money but more time to write and less pressure. Hopefully, this will help my health improve (plus with some new medication) because my stress levels will decrease. But I didn’t really think about the impact of less money. I knew I could afford our mortgage, travel and food and I would have to cut out on luxuries but I didn’t think about the impact on publishing books.

Today I had to tell my brilliant proofreader that I can only use her for copyediting, and not the previously agreed copyediting and proofreading. You see, I just can’t afford it. I have to pay my cover designer and for a table at YALC this summer, which includes ordering a stock of books (not cheap). Now, this isn’t a sob story, I chose this. I’m genuinely not looking for sympathy! I knew money would be tight but I had to put my health first because things were getting bad, it was just no way to live. But I hate letting people down, especially if they’re freelance.

This also means I’ll have to change the way I approach launching books until I’m at least breaking even. I’m very concerned about the quality of the work I produce and so that’s why I have always used an editor and proofreader, but that may have to change. My editor’s fees are very reasonable and so I may be able to use her for future publications, however, I am considering switching to beta readers seeing as I’m planning on writing so much more. I will continue paying for covers because I think it’s worth it and I will still have every book copyedited because I have awful grammar and Pam is ahhhmazing. My boyfriend is a trained English Language teacher and does check my books but proofreaders are incredibly skilled, particularly the one I use. Essentially, I’m cutting back and I just hope it doesn’t affect the quality of my work. If it does, please let me know!

But on a positive note, I have more time to write now! YES! The sun has stuck around in the UK for three. whole. days. My boyfriend is going to read Resistance to check the structure and get it back to me by Sunday (hopefully). I’m halfway through a dark novella about an evil queen, called Queen. I’ve had an idea for a new book which I’m hella excited about. And I’m considering writing a companion novel for the Rebellion series. See, so many good things. Who needs money?!

If you have any questions about self-publishing or writing, as always, please feel free to ask.

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